Chengdu Metro Line 1

Chengdu Metro Line 1 is the first subway line in Chengdu. It is also the first subway in western China. It was operated by Chengdu Metro Operation Co., Ltd., was approved to build in 2005, and opened on September 27, 2010. As of March 2018, Chengdu Metro Line 1 has a total length of 41 kilometers and has 35 stations, including 5 interchange stations.

Chengdu Metro Line 1 is a backbone subway in north and south of Chengdu. The first phase of the project (Shengxianhu to Century City) was opened on September 27, 2010 (the Jincheng Square Station was opened on June 8, 2013). The second phase of the project (Century City to Guangdu) was opened on July 25, 2015. The southern section of the third phase of the project (Sihe to Science City), the northern section (Shengxian Lake to Weijianian), and the branch section (Guangdu to Wugensong) were opened for trial operation on March 18, 2018.

On March 19, 2018, Chengdu Metro Line 1 had a daily passenger volume of 1,207,200, breaking through the million mark for the first time.

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