Chengdu Metro Line 4

Chengdu Metro Line 4 is a main subway line in the east-west direction of Chengdu. The first phase starts from theIntangible Cultural Heritage Park in the Guanghua Avenue outside the Ring Expressway, and ends at Wannianchang Station in the Vientiane City outside the Second Ring Road. The station started to construct in February 2012 and operated on December 26th, 2015. The second phase of the east-west extension extends to east and west, covering Wenjiang District and Longlingyi District’s Shiling Area. It operated on June 2nd, 2017 with 14 stations.

It can be interchanged with Chengdu Metro Line 1, Chengdu Metro Line 2, Chengdu Metro Line 3, Chengdu Metro Line 5, Chengdu Metro Line 6 and Chengdu Metro Line 7. Chengdu Metro Line 4 connects several scenic spots in Chengdu City. It is an “one stop, one scenic” subway line. After opening, the regions are more closely connected.

As of June 2017, Chengdu Metro Line 4 has a total length of 43.3 kilometers, with 28 underground stations (including 9 interchange stations), 2 elevated stations, Depot and 2 bases (Wenjia and Xihe).


Wansheng萬盛站Wenjiang District/
Yangliuhe楊柳河站Wenjiang District/
Fengxihe鳳溪河站Wenjiang DistrictChengdu Metro Line 17 (under construction)
Nanxun Avenue南熏大道站Wenjiang District/
Guanghua Park光華公園站Wenjiang District/
Yongquan湧泉站Wenjiang District/
Fenghuang Street鳳凰大街站Wenjiang District/
Machangba馬廠壩站Qingyang District/
Intangible Cultural Heritage Park非遺博覽園站Qingyang District/
Caiqiao蔡橋站Qingyang District/
Zhongba中壩站Qingyang District/
Chengdu West Railway Station成都西站Qingyang DistrictChengdu Metro Line 9 (under construction)
Qingjiang Road West清江西路站Qingyang District/
Culture Palace文化宮站Qingyang DistrictChengdu Metro Line 7
Southwestern University of Finance and Economics西南財大站Qingyang District/
Caotang Road North草堂北路站Qingyang District
Chengdu University of TCM & Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital中醫大省醫院站Qingyang DistrictChengdu Metro Line 2, Chengdu Metro Line 5 (under construction)
Kuanzhai Alleys寬窄巷子站Qingyang District/
Luomashi騾馬市站Qingyang DistrictChengdu Metro Line 1
Taisheng Road South太升南路站Qingyang District/
Chengdu Second People's Hospital市二醫院站Jinjiang DistrictChengdu Metro Line 3
Yushuang Road玉雙路站Chenghua DistrictChengdu Metro Line 6 (under construction)
Shuangqiao Road雙橋路站Chenghua DistrictChengdu Metro Line 8 (under construction)
Wannianchang萬年場站Chenghua District/
Huaishudian槐樹店站Chenghua DistrictChengdu Metro Line 7
Lailong來龍站Longquanyi DistrictChengdu Metro Line 9 (under construction)
Shiling十陵站Longquanyi District/
Chengdu University成都大學站Longquanyi District/
Mingshuwangling明蜀王陵站Longquanyi District/
Xihe西河站Longquanyi District/

Time Schedule

StationTo XiheTo Wansheng
First TrainLast TrainFirst TrainLast Train
Ming Dynasty Tombs07:1623:5606:1322:53
Chengdu University07:1423:5406:1522:55
Come to the dragon07:1023:5006:1922:59
Banyan store07:0723:4706:2223:03
Shuangqiao Road07:0223:4206:2723:07
Yushuang Road06:5923:4006:2923:10
City Second Hospital06:5723:3706:3223:13
Taisheng South Road06:5523:3506:3423:14
Hummer City06:5323:3306:3623:17
Wide and narrow alley06:5023:3006:3923:19
Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital06:4823:2806:4123:22
Caotang North Road06:4623:2606:4323:24
Southwestern Finance University06:4423:2406:4523:26
Palace of Culture06:4223:2206:4723:28
Qingjiang West Road06:4023:2006:4923:30
Chengdu West Railway Station06:3723:1706:5323:33
Non-legacy exhibition park06:2823:0807:0123:42
Phoenix Street06:2323:0307:0623:46
Guanghua Park06:1822:5907:1123:51
South Smoked Avenue06:1622:5607:1323:53
Fengxi River06:1422:5407:1523:55
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